The Nature Experience

We provide teams with enriching Nature Experiences to gain new perspectives, overcome challenges, build and strengthen relationships and create more harmonious working environments.


A team passionate about getting more people outside. We offer fully customisable day long and overnight adventures to do just that. Our team is a unique collaboration of coaching, permaculture, outdoor education, youth development and adventure industry expertise that creates truly inspiring programs for sustainable and ethically minded businesses.


Having spent a lot of time working and playing in the outdoors we have seen how much people change and grow in natural environments. We have also worked in offices, and business settings and noticed how different these two worlds can be. We want to facilitate outdoor adventures to give teams new experiences and opportunities to develop. We believe that allowing teams to spend time together outside, away from their usual environments, and comfort zones can help create long lasting, strong relationships and healthier team dynamics.

The Programs

To reduce our impact on the environments in which we take you, groups are limited to 15 people. We can work with much larger groups on our overnight programs where we can stay at retreat centres that are built to accommodate larger groups.

The Day Experience

Full day experience away from the office to interact with your colleagues in a new way.

Before the day begins we will meet with your team to discuss what would be the most beneficial walk away for you.

From this we create a custom based learning/intention for the day i.e improving team dynamics, communication, or simply to have a day of adventure and fun.

Your team will be given a destination near to your office where we will meet. Throughout the day we will initiate conversations, set you challenges and activities to build upon this learning and the outdoor experience further.

We offer a range of options from activities and games outside to the more traditional activities listed below



Explore the lesser known trails in the Vancouver area.

We offer slower paced, more mindful based hikes where we will talk more about sustainability and permaculture or far more strenuous, adventurous options depending on your teams abilities.


Starting at $50 per person




Explore the coastline of BC by SUP, Canoe or Kayak. 

Depending on your location we can explore areas such as Indian Arm, the Howe Sound, or downtown Vancouver.

A fun day out that is a great option for all fitness levels.


Starting at $150 per person



A truly unique experience for smaller teams.

Charter your own sailing boat in the Howe Sound and spend time with your colleagues like never before. 

Learn how to sail and the metaphors sailing offers for the importance of team building  and communication. 

Teams limited to 8.

Starting at $250 per person


The only thing better than a day in nature is an overnight in nature. From luxurious retreats to camping out under the stars, we work with a number of locations that provide various levels of comfort for an overnight experience with your team. 

The impact of removing yourselves from all distractions for a longer period of time is powerful. Having discussions around campfires with colleagues and getting to know each other properly, will lead to much richer relationships. The overnight allows time for your team to fully relax and get to know one another on a whole new level. 

Our overnights are usually a continuation of our full day adventures. However, we also offer overnights that start when your working day finishes.

We supply a healthy organic dinner and breakfast and if required can have your team back at your desk for 9am ready to start your working day too.

We are able to accommodate both large and small budgets. Please Get in touch to find out how we can help your team.