Permaculture is a practical way of learning from the natural world and using what we learn to design truly sustainable, productive and harmonious systems. 

It was initially created to design natural landscapes but has now evolved into a much broader system that can be used by anyone, anywhere. 

I am interested in all of the ways we can use Permaculture.

From creating resilient landscapes that replicate the natural world, to looking at how we can learn to live more naturally, to how our businesses can apply the principles of Permaculture to be more efficient, and sustainable. 

Permaculture Design


Life Design


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Business Design

Businesses are waking up to the need to be more sustainable, and reduce their impact. 

Permaculture goes further than sustainability. It focuses on full systems design. How can all aspects of your business work together to not just become more sustainable but more efficient,  more resilient, and more diverse.

Learn more about your unique business and discuss the areas you would like to focus on. We will discuss the basics of what your permaculture designed business would look like and the areas you could focus on implementing. 

You will be given a full business design following the meeting that ties into the 12 principles of permaculture including stages of implementation. 





A workshop for staff to learn more about permaculture and learn how they can redesign areas of both the business and their own lives. 

This is an interactive workshop that will be part of both personal development for staff but also empowering individuals to make small changes at work that can lead to a larger company wide shift.