Rene Gauthier - Changing the clothing industry

Rene Gauthier - Co-Founder, Sitka

Rene is a Canadian born surfer and entrepreneur who finds solace in adventuring in the outdoors and in business. He is founder of iconic west coast brand: Sitka. Rene is an activist and a passionate promoter of environmental stewardship. Rene has 15 years of leadership experience, implementing strategic vision, and developing the Sitka brand.

Rene talks about how the company he founded, Sitka, is looking to change the clothing industry.

DISCLAIMER: This talk was only recorded via audio and the quality is a little low. It’s still well worth a listen.

Recorded at The Change Chats Vancouver July 2017

The conscious consumer is the is the most powerful consumer there is. The change I want to see is that
people actually knew what they are wearing
— Rene Gauthier

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